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Hitachi adds three new high performance models to its range of advanced lcd installation projectors.

ISE, Amsterdam 29th January 2013 – Hitachi Digital Media Group announces the introduction of three new LCD installation projectors that combine high performance with advanced features to deliver exceptional images, reduced cost of ownership and outstanding installation and operational flexibility.

The unique Hitachi "Accentualizer" advanced image processing technology ensures superb image quality particularly in bright environments with performance levels of up to 7000 Lumens, while the latest high performance filter requires no maintenance for up to 20,000 hours.

"These three new models offer an unbeatable combination of high quality, image performance, reliability, installation flexibility and advanced features to provide users with convenience and functionality," said Axel Kutschke, Senior Manager, Presentation Products for Hitachi Digital Media Group. "With up to 7000 Lumens and features including a wide range of lens options, compact design, motorised zoom, 360 degree tilt*, instant stack and two HDMI connections, all three models have the flexibility and capability to deliver against user requirements in environments from meeting rooms to public area signage to stage events to simulation to education."

With three levels of adjustment, Hitachi's "Accentualizer" uses advanced image processing technology to enhance sharpness, gloss and shade to improve image quality and picture clarity to levels comparable to flat panel screens.

The enhanced Picture-by-Picture and Picture-in-Picture feature benefits from two HDMI input connections providing greater flexibility for connection to multiple image devices such as document cameras in classrooms or conference systems in meeting rooms. With the ever increasing proliferation of digital only devices this unique feature will become more important but flexibility is also offered with two RGB inputs, an HDMI DVI input and an S-Video input.

Other features include compatibility with the new Projector Quick Connection for iOS, the option of wireless connectivity, digital keystone and Hitachi Perfect Fit 2. The Status Monitor displays the present condition of the projector including errors, setup information and error histories while DICOM Simulation Mode reproduces images with an advanced grayscale level which is ideal for viewing grayscale medical images, such as X-rays for training and educational purposes. With powerful lens shift options, Instant Stack offers projector synchronisation to operate in dual mode with stacked images, alternate mode or automatic fail-safe mode for seamless back-up operation.

The CP-X8170, CP-WX8265 and CP-WU8460 deliver 7000, 6500 and 6000 Lumens respectively in XGA, WXGA and WUXGA resolutions. All provide contrast ratios of 3000:1 with an Active Iris and feature high quality optical components including glass lens parts. The highly compact design is made in strong and durable die cast magnesium to ensure reliable performance. The 20,000 hour filter also indicates that these projectors are high quality machines requiring minimal maintenance and ensuring very low cost of ownership.

The new models offer five new optional lenses with motorised zoom and lens shift to cater for all installation requirements in any environment. The two speed motor for powered focus, zoom and both vertical and horizontal lens shift increases installation flexibility and facilitates easy positioning if images by users in the case of movement such as temporal change. Fast or step movement is available through the remote control. Both 360 degree tilt* and Perfect Fit provide additional flexibility and convenience during installation, with the tilt mechanism in particular opening up a range of application possibilities.

All three models are available across Europe from March 2013. In summary they feature:

  • High quality: 20,000 hour filter, glass lens elements and die cast magnesium body
  • Flexible Installation: Wide choice of optional lenses, two speed motorised zoom, 360 degree tilt* installation and Perfect Fit 2 adjustment
  • Advanced features: Dual HDMI connectivity, P-in-P, instant stack, wireless option, DICOM mode, digital keystone and IOS connection
  • Superb image: Accentualizer advanced image processing for sharp, gloss, high contrast images

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